Why Holy Family?

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We live in a time where we can make choices about the education with which we provide our children. With all the available choices, why choose Holy Family Catholic School?

The answer comes in three parts:

  1. A Catholic Heart. At the baptism of their children, parents make a promise to raise their children in the Catholic faith. They are to be the primary educators of their children, especially when it comes to passing along the faith. In the Catholic school environment, there is the TIME to help parents pass along the Catholic faith. The faith is incorporated into all the subjects and studied in depth in Religion class. One hour per week in the religious education program is good. But, 35 hours per week is ideal. There is the time, time for Mass two times per week, time to encounter Jesus in Adoration and Confession, time to really learn the faith in the classroom, and time to serve others.
  2. A Superior Education. It’s no accident that Holy Family Catholic School graduates consistently make the dean’s list in middle school and high school. With individualized attention from their teachers, students are able to improve where they struggle rather than fall through the cracks. Students gain confidence through public speaking roles during Mass. Teachers aren’t afraid to assign homework to build students’ work ethic and organizational skills.
  3. A Christian Community. Bullying is becoming a real problem in many schools. Other schools are marked by violence. But, Holy Family Catholic School provides a Christian environment founded on love of God and neighbor. Teachers enjoy the respect of their students. Students enjoy the sincere care of their teachers and classmates. Everyone – teachers and students—know each other by name.

With convenient transportation, affordable tuition and available tuition assistance through the JMJ Scholarship Fund, why not Holy Family?


Come visit us! Contact the school office at (920) 478-3221 or school.office@holyfamily.info.





Main Office

205 Milwaukee Ave.
Waterloo, WI 53594
Parish: (920) 478-2032
Fax: (920) 478-2032

Holy Family Parish

Waterloo Campus
387 S. Monroe St.
Waterloo, WI 53594
Parish: (920) 478-2032

Marshall Campus
120 S. Beebe St.
Marshall, WI 53559
Parish: (920) 478-2032

Holy Family School

387 S. Monroe St.
Waterloo, WI 53594
School: (920) 478-3221

Mass Times

Monday -NO MASS

8:15 am St. Joseph, Waterloo
Wednesday* and Friday*

8:15 am St. Mary, Marshall
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday**

*Holy Family School Mass
Wednesdays and Fridays
September to May.

** Novus Ordo Ad Orientem


4:00 pm - St. Joseph - Waterloo
1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays

4:00 pm - St. Mary - Marshall
2nd and 4th Saturdays


8:30 am - St. Joseph - Waterloo

10:30 am -St. Mary - Marshall

Spanish Mass:
12:30 pm St. Mary - Marshall